What People are Saying:

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Keith Fosgett - Outreach Coordinator AtON Center - Encinitas CA

"I have worked with Jerad at Ritual Living for several years now. We regularly send residents from our residential treatment program to Jerad and have great success in his program. They act quickly and professionally when dealing with my team and our residents. Also, Jerad is extremely honest and ethical and offers a warm and welcoming environment for men to continue their path to sobriety. If you are considering a sober living option, definitely consider Ritual Living as an option."

Kurt D. Carlson - Director of Outreach/Admissions/Operations Diego Palms Recovery - North San Diego County
"Ritual Living provides a beautiful home with excellent managed recovery support.  However, it is the recovering owner who makes this house a success for so many young men.  "Some say saving lives"  Jerad is phenomenal with his caring but firm style and recovery encouragement.  Recovery is a very difficult process and those who succeed demonstrate their own "solid program" and impart the discipline and love to others. This owner is very successful with a structured but loving home.  One of the most important aspect is to create a community of support among all of the house members.  This requires a keen sense of self and an ability to collaborate but discern additive behavior.  Graduates of his minimum 90 day stay walk out better men and matured by Jerad's wisdom."
Austin Collins - Community Outreach Sheridan Gardens Wellness Center - Encinitas CA

"Ritual Living exemplifies and embodies everything a sober living home should entail. Jerad's dedication, devotion and leadership by example creates an atmosphere that is beyond conducive to recovery. Without hesitation, I would send one of my own family members or loved ones to Ritual Living."

Drew Engbring - Sober Solutions Intervention services Inc. - Lowell IN

"I have been working in the field of addiction for many years. I helped thousands of families, and seen hundreds sober living homes and treatment centers coast to coast. Ritual Living stands high above the rest. The biggest sign of a proper home is to walk in and feel the energy and culture that they have created. You can relax, breathe, and gain the fellowship, structure, motivation that is necessary for a real change. Ritual Living is so much more than a nice home. This is a place for men who are ready for a complete transformation of life and aren't quite sure how to get there. The home fosters the mentality that recovery is not about stopping the use of drugs and alcohol, but about a quality of life. Everyone works, goes to school, and participates in service work. I would trust Jerad and the men of Ritual Living with my own family should the need arise. If you are on the fence about whether or not to come here, one visit will be enough to show you why this is the place for permanent recovery."

Resident Testimonial - Rick's Story Philadelphia PA

"I came to Ritual Living after completing a 30 day treatment program in
Encinitas. I was in a state of shock and confusion, what people in recovery refer
to as being angry, irritable, and discontent. That was me, though I hadn't
realized it yet. Having flown in from Philadelphia I knew nothing about the new
area I was in, and knew nothing about how to live and enjoy life being sober. I
was scared. Jerad took me into his home on last second notice, because I
didn't have anywhere to go, and couldn't go back east. Jerad gave me a
chance and helped me every step of the way in my new way of life. Jerad
participates in every single activity that the house does, he lead by example and
not by words, which I really appreciate. Jerad was there to talk to at any
moment day or night and truly cares about the well being of everyone in his
home. I originally planned to stay for 3 months, and I stayed for 9. I recommend
Ritual Living to anyone who is struggling to live clean, free, and have fun with
great company doing it. I can't say enough good things about Ritual Living."

Kate Judd - Addiction Counselor AtON Center - Encinitas CA

"Ritual Living Men's Sober Living provides a high level of structure and accountability for it's residents. It is known for the cohesion and familial bond of the men in the house. The house is run with integrity, ethics and empathy provided by house manager, Jerad. The positive energy and motivation of the milieu is fiercely protected as evidenced by the whole house interview process prior to admission. Ritual Living is an ideal environment for the newly Sober man to establish and solidify a program of recovery from substance use disorder."

Curt Moothart LCSW, CADC II - Counselor Casa Palmera Recovery Center - Del Mar CA

"I support Ritual Living because of its reliability and dependability in helping men with building strong early recovery foundations."

Resident Testimonial - Trevor Odle

"I was hesitant about the idea of sober living after finishing 30 in a residential treatment center, but it ended up being one of the best experiences of my life. The Ritual Living house is very warm and welcoming, and also provides a lot of structure. I was lucky enough to be able to live with a great group of guys for five months. I thought it was going to be tough when I signed a contract for a 90 day commitment but instead it was great and stayed longer."

Scott Noble - Director of Operations Southern California Recovery Center - Encinitas CA

"I have known Jerad for several years now and he has always been in the business of helping others. He had a vision of how he could best serve his community and fellows in recovery. Ritual Living is everything I expected his vision to look like. A sober living that emphasizes the importance of spirituality, service, fellowship and recovery."