Ritual Living's structured schedule provides for a safe and fun environment, which helps promote recovery. Through our structured living we provide 24/7 onsite management. Guys grow spiritually, learn responsibilities, and mature back into society. Our typical day begins with early wake-up calls, followed by mandatory morning devotionals or meetings, which together lay a great foundation to build our day. Each guy is required to either work a FT job, attend an Intense Out Patient treatment program or be enroll as a FT student during the day. Our structured program includeds curfews, random drug testing and a breath analysis test every night. Throughout the week we will do activities together such as pick-up games, workouts, community service, etc. Most of all, we will encourage fun. What good is being sober, if you’re not having fun doing it?

House Requirements & Task Schedule

(Day-to-Day Routine or what I like to call our "Rituals")

  • Residents start their day at 6am Mon-Fri by making their beds.
  • 6:15AM Mon-Fri we do "Devotional", a short reading and share meeting among the men in our home, giving insight and inspiration for our day.
  • 7:00 AM We attend one of several sober living or AA meetings as a group, either in the community or hosted in our home.
  • 8AM-10PM Mon-Fri residents spend their day doing one of three options... Work, School, or attend (IOP)Intense Out Patient treatment.  It may be a combination of the three options.
  • I require the residents to come together and give service to the community (Meaning we feed the homeless, clean up our beaches, etc...) for at least one hour a week.
  • We participate in fellowship among the guys in our home for one night a week. This is usually something fun to bring us closer together and develop a meaningful bond. The activity is decided by the residents and we entertain options such as (pick-up games, surfing, yoga, BBQ's or hikes, etc...)
  • They choose two meetings they would like to attend for the remainder of the five allotted evenings or weekends in our week. This amounts to 7 meetings a week and total 90 meetings in 90 days.
  • We provide memberships to Fitness Evolution and attend regular physical exercise further engaging and building bonds.
  • Daily curfews for the week are enforced at 10PM Sun-Thur and 12AM Fri and Sat with No exceptions.
  • Each man is assigned a household chore for the week, which must be completed daily before curfew for accountability.
  • We perform breathalyses for all residents every evening before going to bed and drug test guys on an individual basis randomly at least once a week.
  • Weekends the men can sleep in til 8:30AM if they choose and do our regular devotional at 8:45AM. Saturdays at 9AM promptly the group does a house cleaning maintanence.  Sundays at 9AM we gather together to cook breakfast in a family style setting.
  • At 10PM Monday evening we hold our business meeting planning the needs of the house, chore responsibilities, goals for the week, concerns and input on our activities for the week.

Jerad - Founder of Ritual Living

I started and manage Ritual Living. I'm also a recovered alcoholic/addict, so I have first hand experience and tend to relate well with people who are where I was a few years ago. I'm proud to say that I now have several blissful years of recovery( since Feb 21, 2013). By working a twelve step program of recovery, I've found new meaning and a powerful purpose for living for the first time. Watching a helpless man progress through the hopelessness of his life, while watching the selfish behavior melt away and seeing that transformation turn into new hope and love, becomes the greatest miracle of this program.

"My goal is to show as many men as possible how to find peace and serenity within their own lives, through my experiences of getting sober."